Extensive urban growth over the last few decades has had a significant impact on habitat that birds and other wildlife once called home. You, as a homeowner, have a unique opportunity to curtail this loss of habitat by creating your own backyard wildlife sanctuary.

NatureScaping of Southwest Washington is a non-profit, all volunteer, educational organization whose goal is to educate and encourage homeowners to make their yards and gardens a sanctuary for birds and other wildlife.

Membership above the $20 level will support maintaining the gardens fencing, irrigation, educational materials and more.

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Photos on this site taken at the Wildlife Botanical Gardens by nature photographer Terry Covington.

The Wildlife Botanical Gardens in Brush Prairie...

The Wildlife Botanical Gardens are a cohesive blend of specialty theme gardens, spread over three acres in Southwest Washington. The gardens, and devoted gardeners, demonstrate and teach gardening concepts that attract birds, butterflies, hummingbirds and other wildlife to residential gardens. Come visit the Wildlife Botanical Gardens year-round and enjoy the unique beauty each season has to offer!

Upcoming Classes

OCTOBER 15, 2016
Soil Basics for Organic Gardening & Natural Landscaping
Soil is often taken for granted. However, soil is the medium from which life starts and where life ends. Soils are incredibly diverse and complex. One does not have to understand all of the complexities of soils to be a great gardener or land steward. My definition of a healthy soil is one which gives plants the ability to grow at a natural rate and fight off diseases and pests without the need for chemical pesticides. Our focus will be on a few key concepts; the most important building blocks and the most practical basics to understanding soils. We will discuss soil science, practical methods to assess our soil, make observations about the health of our soils and use this understanding to guide our gardening practices. Read more
NOVEMBER 19, 2016
Foraging 101: A Beginner's Guide to Edible & Medicinal Plants of the PNW
For as long as people have lived in this region, native plants have provided them with a rich diversity of food and medicine. Join us for an introductory course and walk away with a deeper appreciation of the gifts of our local forests. This class will cover the history of foraging in the region, foraging ethics and introduce participants to a few key edible and medicinal plants. This class will be indoor/outdoor, with some walking required. Read more