Art in the Garden

EVENT: The gardens will be in full bloom along with artists featuring a full spectrum of garden and fine art. You may find that treasure you have been looking for!

Herbs in the Garden

CLASS: Come walk the gardens with the herb gals from Garden Delights Herb Farm and play the newest plant game – Name That Herb. They will be doing a “show and tell” of some of the herbs found in the various gardens.

Lasagna Gardening Workshop

CLASS: Join us and learn an easy, frugal and quick method of creating a raised garden bed you assemble from scratch with organic materials readily available.

Perennial, Bulb & Seed Swap

EVENT: Please join us for some gardening fun at the 6th annual PERENNIAL, BULB & SEED SWAP...

Plant Propagation

CLASS: Learn plant propagation timing and techniques to add plants to your garden or to share with family and friends

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