Basic Garden Tool Maintenance

CLASS: Do you fight with your tools when using them? WSU Master Cowlitz County Gardener Art Fuller will show you how to clean and sharpen your tools so that they work for you and with you prior to winter storage or spring usage. Learn how to give your tools the edge that will shorten work and make chores easier and more enjoyable.

Attracting Birds and Watershed Health

CLASS: Birds delight us with their presence in our backyards and provide many beneficial services, from pest-control to pollination.

Beginning Bird Identification

CLASS: Watching birds from your window but not knowing what species they are? We will talk about the basics of bird identification and touch on some of the more common backyard birds in our area with a focus on our various sparrow species.

Art in the Garden

EVENT: The gardens will be in full bloom along with artists featuring a full spectrum of garden and fine art.

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