Lasagna Gardening Workshop

CLASS: Join us and learn an easy, frugal and quick method of creating a raised garden bed you assemble from scratch with organic materials readily available.

Perennial, Bulb & Seed Swap

EVENT: Please join us for some gardening fun at the 6th annual PERENNIAL, BULB & SEED SWAP...

Plant Propagation

CLASS: Learn plant propagation timing and techniques to add plants to your garden or to share with family and friends

Native Mason Bees

CLASS: Join us for what has become our annual Mason Bee experience! Did you know Mason Bees are one of about 4000 native North American bees, without which most of our fruits and vegetables would not produce.

Landscaping with PNW Native Plants

CLASS: Landscaping with PNW Native Plants is an introductory course for those who seek to marry aesthetics and ecology. In this class we will discuss how to choose the right plant for the right place.

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