Ask the Experts

Have lingering questions you'd like to address? Strictly a Q&A session; here's your opportunity to get some of those questions answered by one of NatureScaping's very own experts while sitting in the comfort of your home.

Beneficial Insects and Sustainable Gardening

Many people don't like bugs. We'd be in dire straights without them as they are crucial for life and the environment. Learn how to identify and benefit from the friendly ones and more naturally control the nastier ones (Integrated Pest Management).

Pruning with a Pro

Presented by Aaron Krieger, Owner of AK Timber Services LLC. Aaron is an ISA Certified Arborist as well as TRAQ qualified and he will be […]

An Introduction to Pacific Northwest Ecology

Whether you are a lifetime resident or new to the area (in real life or digitally), learning about our natural environments helps connect us to our place and time on this planet.

Backyard Habitat for Urban Wildlife

What do wildlife need that those well-manicured yards can't provide? What can easily be done to begin turning a yard into habitat? These are the questions we hope to answer.

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