Tips for Visiting the Wildlife Botanical Gardens


There is no fee!

The Wildlife Botanical Gardens are free of charge and maintained by volunteers through the not-for-profit organization, NatureScaping of Southwest Washington.


The gardens are open daily from dawn to dusk.


The gardens are located at 11000 NE 149th St, Brush Prairie, WA 98606. For more information on getting to the gardens, including a map, visit our Location page.

Rules for Your Visit

  • Please Dispose of Trash in Marked Receptacle
  • Children Must Be Supervised at All Times
  • No Smoking, Drugs, or Alcohol
  • No Unleashed Animals
  • No Unauthorized Vehicles
  • No Removal of Anything from the Gardens
    (Plants, Hoses, Garden Tools, etc. — Violators will be Prosecuted)

School Groups, Special Events, or Other Large Gatherings

Special events or large groups by permit only.

Contact us before planning your event.


For your safety please use the gardens and garden features as intended.

DO NOT ENTER THE POND or tamper with the fountains or other water features. Do not throw things into the water features, including pennies or rocks.


Can I bring my pet?

The Wildlife Botanical Gardens are designed to accommodate many visitors, including furry friends. Animals are welcome on the paths and designated walkways while on a leash. Owners must clean up after their pets!

Is the garden wheelchair and walker accessible?

Yes, the gardens were designed to be as accessible as possible to all visitors. However, there are pathways that are gravel and subject to variation and pathways that are bark chipped and may not be accessible for some visitors. Please use caution when venturing in this outdoor space.

Are there bathroom facilities?

There are no always-available public restrooms at the gardens. An outhouse (porta-potty) is available for use while volunteers are onsite.

Where can I find a list of plants or a garden map?

The Gardens page offers additional information about the gardens including a map and plant list.

How can I get involved?

Become a member, volunteer, or make a donation. The Wildlife Botanical Gardens is a not-for-profit organization and donations may be tax deductible.