native plant

Visit the NW Natives Garden to see a variety of the approximately 250 plants native to Western Washington. Consider planting native plants in your yard as they need less water, fertilizer and pesticides. Less chemicals in your yard means cleaner groundwater for our community and safer yards for kids and pets.

water feature boulders

Except for pathways, plants in this garden are left un-pruned as much as possible to allow for their natural beauty. Leaves and other plant material are allowed to stay where they land providing habitat for forest floor dwelling wildlife and for eventual return to the soil through natural decomposition.

native plant with rock

The NW Natives Garden includes a pond — A tranquil spot of beauty with seating nearby to enjoy the birds, insects, native frogs and other wildlife. The pond provides food, cover and water for an array of creatures.

native plant

The NW Natives Garden includes woodland, rock garden, and meadow environments. Come see the variety of NW native plants you could include in your yards: a variety of perennials – groundcovers, ferns, Goatsbeard, False Solomon Seal, Checkermallow, Camas, stonecrops, penstemons; along with many mature native trees and shrubs


List of Plants in the Northwest Natives Garden