This garden demonstrates landscaping ideas for partial or total lawn replacement. Replacing part or all of your lawn with native and drought tolerant plants is better for our environment as no chemicals and less water are needed to maintain a healthy, attractive landscape.

Sheet mulching (or lasagna gardening) over grass is utilized to create new planting beds. Native pollinator friendly shrubs, perennials and grasses, along with non-native, drought tolerant plants can be found here. Peace Pole installed by Battleground Rotary Club in 2017.


Come see the rain garden and learn how to create a rain garden in your yard:

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In 2021, The Backyard Habitat Certification Program certified the Water Wise Garden at the PLATINUM level.  This is the first certification of a community demonstration garden.  A nearby building has downspouts directed to a rain garden with signage to educate guests. Mason bees are housed nearby, and a snag stands in one corner of the plot.

The Backyard Habitat Certification Program is a collaboration between the Watershed Alliance of SW Washington, Columbia Land Trust and Portland Audubon.