What are the Gardens?

There are ten gardens that are currently completed. Each garden is specifically designed to attract and fill the needs of specific wildlife, or to match the gardening style of the homeowner while still fulfilling the needs of wildlife.

We have a NW Natives Garden, a Cottage Garden, a Manor (semi-formal) Garden and a Homestead Garden that combines food for people and for wildlife. We also have a garden especially for hummingbirds, one for butterflies, one for local birds that is very low maintenance, and one for hummingbirds and butterflies combined. So whatever your garden style or wildlife attracting goals, we’ve got a garden set up to inspire you.

When are the gardens open?

The gardens are open everyday dusk to dawn and there is no admission fee. Visit as often as you’d like! There are picnic tables for your convenience.

How do I Get There?

From 1-5 or I-205, take the SR 500 exit, heading East. Continue North on SR 503/NE 117th Ave. Finaly, take a left onto NE 149th St. The gardens are up the road on the right.

Alternatively, from 1-5, take the NE 179th St. exit. Make a right on SR 503/NE 117th Ave and another right onto NE 149th St. The gardens are up the road on the right.

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