Our Foundation

Mission Statement: Gardens and programs that inspire, educate and enrich our lives and our community.

Purpose Statement: To educate and encourage citizens on the importance of developing, restoring, maintaining and conserving wildlife habitat and the native plants that comprise that habitat.

Welcome new member! 
To those who have renewed your memberships (and even added a little extra) and for designatied donations, thank you so much! 

Memberships help support our organization and our gardens!

Note: We can now accept memberships and renewals onlineMembership/Renewals.

However, to help us cover our processing costs for the convenience of using online payments, it is necessary to include those costs in our online membership fees. Amounts remain the same as before for checks/cash.

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January Class

Thursday January 27th Zoom class at 4:00 entitled ~ Happy Houseplants~ presented by Nicole Forbes, Nicole Forbes, Education & Events Director with Dennis 7 Dees Landscaping & Garden Centers.

During the pandemic maybe you’ve taken up the hobby of growing plants indoors or want to begin? You and your “plus one” (houseplant) are invited to learn about growing happy houseplants, seasonal care tips and getting expert answers to your questions/problems.

We are again partnering with the Camas Library.

December Class–ReCap

We had a very educational class with Dave Kollen, Xerces Society Ambassador entitled Bring Back the PollinatorsIt covered a wide range of topics in relation to pollinators (bees more specifically) and their importance in nature and what we can do to create a more pollinator-friendly space.

If you missed the session it was recorded and is now available to view on The Camas Public Library’s YouTube page.Here’s the link:

Bring Back the Pollinators

Note: We have a playlist at the Camas Library YouTube page where you can view the entire offerings of recorded class sessions from past months at:

Camas Library YouTube-NatureScaping Classes

Sharpening Event Redux Re-Cap

We held our 2nd sharpening event for members by Repair Clark County at the gardens on Dec 3rd. It wasn’t raining this time but it was quite chilly although the sun did make an appearance later in the afternoon. That did not stop progress–66 items were sharpened at the event and an additional 36 items were barcoded for later pickup (including 2 that need repair).

Perhaps the greatest hit of the day was a particular (unusual) item brought in for sharpening as shown here:

6' handle Scythe for sharpening

Start the Thought

It’s time for us to start concentrating on the 2022 Bare Root Trees, Shrubs & Perennial Sale traditionally held the last weekend in April. Our planning begins in earnest later this month with our committee meeting. Many more details to come.

Feel free to contact Marlene Dellsy anytime (before I reach out to you) to let me know you want to help this year! Thanks in advance!

Did You Notice??

We added something to our website that we’ve been wanting to share for a while. If you click on The Gardens on the menu bar, on the bottom of that general page you’ll find a link to a full list of plants in the Wildlife Botanical Gardens. Tabs at the bottom of the document allows you to view plants for each garden. The plant list includes the botanical name, common name, attractants, and each garden that plant can be found in. Thanks to everyone, who with their hard work, put this list together!! If you haven’t checked our website for a while please take a look. https://naturescaping.org/

List of Plants in the Wildlife Botanical Gardens


A few of our wonderful “resident” (member) photographers shared their current pictures taken at this time of year in the gardens. Thanks to Larry, Joan and Terry who also sent us a poem. It’s still a good time to come to the gardens…see for yourself!

Snow on tree branches

Snow on ground around Lemon Cypress


Oregon Junco on snowy ground



Snow fell.

Quiet.  Quiet.

I answered it by walking

until my feet were wet with it, my cheeks

as pink as a child’s. The chickadees

and I were alone in it, and the sparrows.

Brave hearts.

So much snow on the garden paths.

Healing cold.  Underneath it, snowdrops

bide their time, and violets.

Terry Covington 

Nature Related Quote of the Month

From Neil deGrasse Tyson: Even with all our technology and the inventions that make modern life so much easier than it once was, it takes just one big natural disaster to wipe all that away and remind us that, here on Earth, we’re still at the mercy of nature.

Stay safe and enjoy!!