Successful Sale!

Our Bare Root Trees, Shrubs & Perennials Fundraiser Sale raised over $14,000, more than we’ve raised since 2008! Thank you, NatureScaping members for your donations of plants and time. We have many new volunteers, members and customers through the efforts of everyone; but in particular, Holly Stept, Event Coordinator. Holly organized the sale set-up, volunteer assignments, and advertising through social media. She and her husband, Jake, and 3 year old son, Wyatt, even walked through neighborhoods distributing our sale flyers. Many Board members and Garden Coordinators put their heart and soul into the sale through many hours of planning and organizing, then worked both weekends.
Now onto enjoying our membership benefits! Our May, June and July classes promise much education on landscaping for wildlife. Our 2nd annual “Art in the Gardens” is July 13th. Master Composter/Recyclers is teaching two classes this summer at the Compost site. Check out the listing of upcoming classes and events on our website. Hope to see you this year at a class, or in the Wildlife Botanical Gardens!
Meredith Hardin, President

P.S. Consider signing up your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to their Community Rewards Program at Select NatureScaping of SW WA and Fred Meyer will donate to us. You still earn your rewards.

Featured Spring Flowering Shrub
Golden Current (Ribes aureum)

In early May in the Flying Flowers Garden – Ribes aureum yellow flowers exude an intoxicating, spicy fragrance. The flowers will turn into gold-colored, edible fruit.
Uses: Golden currant is widely planted for wildlife habitat, hedges, windbreaks and in conservation and landscape plantings. The berries are used for jam and jelly production. Pheasants, grouse, jays, robins, thrushes, and orioles eat the berries. Deer and elk browse the twigs and leaves.

written by Terry Covington

Join me in the Entrance Garden for lunch.
We shall dine on Golden Oregano
and Lingonberries. The Jolly Bee
Hardy Geranium will bemuse us with its name. Freckles Violets and Zebra Iris
will provide patterns for our delight.
Jerusalem Sage will lend us his wisdom.

The trees are blue here — Colorado Spruce
and California Lilac. Johnson’s Blue
Hardy Geraniums spread their cheer,
and Columbine in every color of the rainbow. For dessert, we shall sit
beneath the Full Moon Coreopsis
and savor Chocolate Chip Carpet Bugles
and Peach Flambe’ Coral Bells.

Later, we shall take a walk
beneath the Rose Glow Barberry,
the Giant Ironweed, and the Inula
which draws the honeybees.
The buzzing of the bees and songs
of the White-Crowned Sparrow and Spotted Towhee will lull us to sleep on a bed
of Scotch Heather and Golden Sedge.

Volunteer Opportunities

Administrative Assistant – help with emails, phone messages, and membership. May also help with creating and sending newsletters. Computer skills required!
Maintenance Co-Coordinator – help with mowing, shed and fence repair.
Project Design/Builder – New fencing design for perennials storage, educational kiosk. Must have design/building experience.
Community Relations Assistant – help with calling/emailing community organizations and building relationships on behalf of NatureScaping. Must have the gift of conversation, and experience building trust.
Business Liaison – help build relationships with local businesses to donate time/money to NatureScaping. Will schedule tours with businesses. Must enjoy meeting new people and have access to phone/email.
We rely on our awesome volunteers to help keep NatureScaping’s Wildlife Botanical Gardens a highlight of Clark County. If you know anyone who can help, email Meredith Hardin, President at

Check out our website: and our Facebook page for Wildlife Botanical Garden photos by Terry Covington.

We are an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are appreciated!