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Mission Statement: Gardens and programs that inspire, educate and enrich our lives and our community.

Purpose Statement: To educate and encourage citizens on the importance of developing, restoring, maintaining and conserving wildlife habitat and the native plants that comprise that habitat.

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December Class

Saturday December 17th at 10:00am entitled ~Landscaping with PNW Native Plants ~ conducted by Hannah Schrager, Owner of Good Year Farms (www.goodyearfarms.com).

This class will leave you with a better understanding of how to select the right native species for your space in part by using ecological cues. Learn how to create structure, how to source natives and how to improve your backyard habitat overall.


November Class-Recap

We had a good turn-out for our annual Native Mason Bee class with Brigg Franklin, our Mason Bee keeper and Worm Wrangler! We saw some great videos (including one of Brigg recorded at The Wildlife Botanical Gardens talking about Mason Bees which can also be seen on our website: Video). Attendees, (including approx.18 CASEE students) helped clean bee cocoons. In exchange for helping, folks were offered cocoons to take home for next spring’s release. We will be selling cleaned cocoons at our Bare, Root Trees, Shrubs & Perennial sale in April 2023!


Did you Notice…..

We were mentioned in an article from The Columbian-Holidays in the Couve special addition to the paper.  Entitled Gardening for Newcomers in Clark County by Master Gardeners Joann Roth and Cindy Combs, we were noted as one of the organizations that has bare root plant sales. Our website was also listed as a resource for places to get more information.


As expected at this time of year, visible progress in the Flying Flowers Garden expansion is a bit slower but changes are evident since last month


Bulletin Board

A harbinger of the season soon to come–see the latest display on the shed in the center of the gardens on your next visit to the gardens and/or see attached pic. Thanks Rosemarie!




In November and again on Dec. 2nd, we had 2nd grade students come through the gardens on a field trip looking for evidence of insects with chaperones led by CASEE students.


Tours/Visitors-Follow Up

In the August 2022 newsletter we mentioned that we had a volunteer (Kim and friend) from Pacific Northwest Bumble Bee Atlas, conduct a survey of bees in our gardens. Here are the results (which I just received) and additional information provided by Kim:

We sampled (and released!) the following species of bumble bees at your gardens in 2022.

Bombus flavifrons (yellow-headed bumble bee) – 4 bees

Bombus vosnesenskii (yellow-faced bumble bee) – 2 bees

Bombus mixtus (fuzzy-horned bumble bee) – 1 bee

Mystery bee – Bombus vosnesenskii or caliginosus – 1 bee

There were 4 females and 4 males collected in the time allowed (45 person minutes).

Here are links to more information about each species. Please note, while some species are considered “common” broadly, populations in a given area may be stable, growing, or in decline. For example, the mystery bee we sampled at your garden might be Bombus caliginosus, which is designated as “likely in decline,” but also locally “common.” 







For those new members or just as a reminder….


With funding from a Washington Native Plant Society (WNPS) grant and with many volunteer hours from committee members (you know who you are) a longtime dream has been fulfilled.  We have created a free 52-page booklet as an educational tool that includes dozens of high-quality photos, descriptions and other information regarding native plants found at The Wildlife Botanical Gardens and reasons to incorporate them in your landscape. Here is the link to finding it on our website:


We have a limited amount of hard copy booklets that would make a great gift idea–contact me for more information.


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From Business Google 

Andrey gave a 5 star review: “Very clean and beautiful place to go for a walk”.

David & Rhonda, first time visitors left a comment card (and donation) noting: “Amazing variety”.


Nature Related Quote of the Month

From Paul Theroux: “Winter is a season of recovery and preparation”.


Stay safe, dry, warm and have a happy holiday season!