Mason Bees

The NatureScaping Wildlife Botanical Gardens includes a simple but well-built mason bee demonstration shelter.

Check out the video above to learn about our native mason bees and why you should add them to your garden.

Local expert Brigg Franklin (Bee Herder and Master Composter Recycler) has protected and managed thousands of mason bees for multiple generations for our gardens and loves to share his knowledge about these pollinators.

Mason bees are one of 4,000 native bees in the United States.

They are ten times more effective than honey bees at pollinating, which make them great for helping your garden, flowers, and fruit trees.

And best of all — they don’t sting!

Come visit in early to late Spring to see what all the buzz is about!


A geocache is located at coordinates;

Walk through each of the ten gardens looking in each garden for a small white decipher card attached to black ground stake, each containing a letter and number and picture of Signal the Frog.

Substitute the number on each card for the letter on the card. Please do not walk off the paths or dig in the gardens. There is one undeveloped garden area that does not contain any of the decipher cards.

Since this is a garden cache, please only leave SWAG that might be found in a garden (i.e., flowers, frogs, birds, bees, but not real ones.).

Visit the Geocache website to learn more about this fun geocache.